Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading! This is my personal lifestyle blog. Since I have many passions, art, nature, fashion, etc. I thought to document my findings and adventures to share! So here’s a little about me:

– I am currently a student studying Fibers Fine Art at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. For those who aren’t familiar Fibers is a broad major focusing mainly on creating, dyeing and changing fiber and fabrics. My hope is to work in the fashion industry as someone who sources fabrics and helps designers and companies take steps towards using sustainable fabrics, (the textile industry is one of the most environmentally harmful).

– While I work a convenient work-study job at school to get by, I am highly involved. I began the school year as a Primer, (for a normal college this is your orientation leader.)  I happily work next to one of my closest friends as the “Co-Chair” of the MAC Board – MassArt Activities Council. The MAC board is where we plan all the events that happen around the school and with our neighboring Fenway Schools. I also interned doing alterations, dyeing, and repairs to vintage clothing for the wonderful Mayra and Biorn, the creators of The House of Findings. (Check it out!) On top of all of that I am a full-time student taking six classes in the upcoming semester.

– I love to travel! So far I have been to Uganda, Africa (2009), Dubai, UAE (2009), Krakow, Warsaw, Lublin, Zamosc and Szczebrzeszyn, all of which are in Poland (2011, 2012). This year I have two upcoming trips I could not be more excited about; in March I’ll be making my way to Havana, Cuba, and in May I head to Okinawa, Japan. Check out my travel page of reasons and background behind the trip to Uganda and Poland!

– Snowboarding is the winter activity I live for! I’m a self-taught snowboarder going on year five and love it more every time I hit the slopes. During the fall and winter expect a lot of post about mountains to travel to and other fun winter activities that help me survive New England winters.

– Nature, nature, nature! This is one of my greatest inspirations for my art and I love to be surrounded by it. You’ll see posts of my adventures whether it is an epic hike, or a low-key camping trip with my friends.

– FASHION! I absolutely love fashion! It’s in my blood, literally, my great-grandmother and aunt are both very successful within the industry and I hope to blaze my own trail of glory to achieve such status as well. I admire fashion, especially Haute Couture. Many posts will have to do with the goodies I find or ones I simply dream of.

– Art is my life. This falls hand in hand with fashion, I live and breathe art. I will be posting my work occasionally and will have a link to my website as soon as it is finished!



Please enjoy!

xo Em