Give me a Cuba Libre please!

Once again, my apologies on lack of posting lately! Now that all my travels have come to an end I will begin posting regularly again.

I just got back from an amazing two week travel program in Cuba! I know what you’re thinking…how did you get to Cuba? Isn’t that illegal? These are the common questions I’ve been asked when I tell people I just got back from there. Well yes, it is not easy for Americans, but luckily for me my school has an educational license to bring students there on the People to People visa. But enough about the nitty gritty! It was an absolutely amazing two weeks and I can’t describe how much I miss being there!

My trip was primarily in Havana – the beautiful old city right on the ocean that swept me off my feet – but we also made a weekend trip to Trinidad with a stop in Cienfeugos, and a day trip to the beautiful nature preserve in Sierra del Rosario. We spent a lot of our time visiting with artists in their homes, (we are art students after all) as well as visiting galleries and museums, and of course sightseeing. I miss the constant sounds of Cuban music and our nights spent learning how to salsa (we met a nice group of instructors who were willing to teach us some moves), and I of course miss drinking Cuba Libre, the Cuban version of rum and coke. It really is a time warp into the past. I could write a novel on my experience there but here are some photos I took on my trip. Enjoy!

I love all the old cars

Organic farm just 20 minutes outside Havana where we enjoyed lunch one day.

Cigar shop

Cuba is all about color

The beautiful village in the biosphere