Keeping Hope

As many readers know Boston is my home and we, and the rest of the nation, are in the midst of a tragedy after yesterdays marathon. While I was fortunately not at the marathon many of my friends came within 200 feet of the explosions and have seen things they will never be able to unsee. My heart is deeply aching for all those fallen victim to this unfortunate act. I ask readers to please continue to keep Boston in your hearts, especially those who have been lost, injured and are suffering PTSD. We are strong city and will come back. I cannot describe my sadness and true shock of what has happened. Today the city was quiet, filled with sadness and discouraged residents. Please keep the warm thoughts coming in this trying time. 

A student at my school today put up this installation, it happened to be what many of us needed at school, it gave hope and brought even a few smiles out today. Here is our hope. Continue to keep Boston in your hearts while our nation begins to heal.