Everyone Needs a Coffee Shop

by emmahauer

I can’t believe it is already March! My apologies for the lack of posting but I am in the midst of mid terms which naturally means life is busier than normal. I have finally found the time to sit down, drink a latte, and clear my mind.

I’m a BIG coffee drinker, and I don’t just mean I like coffee but I probably drink too much. I typically have a cup when I first get up since I can’t get my day started without the caffeine, and I usually have one or two more in the afternoon. Now, lately I have been getting better about only having one cup a day, because lets be honest…it adds up. With that said I have been doing a really good job holding myself to my one cup of day rule, which is painful for me but in return I will splurge from time to time to enjoy my favorite coffee shop. To me, having a regular coffee shop is pretty important, not just so I know that I will always be guaranteed a great beverage, but its also nice to have a quiet place where you know the staff and they know you. After two years of searching I finally found my coffee shop in Boston and it never disappoints.

Green T Coffee Shop is my favorite place for a variety of reasons, the food, drinks, staff, atmosphere, convenience and the great prices. Green T is a little bit of a hidden diamond in the rocks. It is quite small and is on the bottom floor of a building (but still with street windows so you have a view). But, appropriate to the name it is conveniently located across from a bus and green line stop, which is perfect when I just need a breather before making a journey home from the bus stop. The staff is awesome there! With a couple of fellow MassArt students working there are familiar faces and the owner makes a point to meet his customers. The drinks, in particular the Iced Chai Lattes are amazing, the best I have ever had in Boston! They also feature a large menu of smoothies, loose leaf tea, special season drinks, and all your regular coffee shop delights. And of course, lets not forget the delicious food that keeps bringing me back for my favorite breakfast sandwich, and other snacks. The food is all made fresh with local farm goods to keep it fresher and healthier, and an added bonus of serving breakfast until 3 p.m. Whenever I go for brunch I always get the Big Breakfast Sandwich, it’s 2 large eggs, spinach, cheese and your choice of bacon, sausage or veggie sausage (I always get veggie sausage) on either a bagel, crossant or bread. It is very big and very delicious! Now that it is officially March they are opening up from 10pm – 3am Thursday – Saturday to serve breakfast burritos to all the late night snackers in the Brigham Circle area.

Aside from all the edible treats, the atmosphere is nice and inviting. While seating is limited, especially on weekend mornings, there are a couple of tables, a faux woodburning stove and always art work on the walls from the local artist and students. It is a perfect place to bring your book or computer during the weeks to relax or get work done, and of course it is great to chat with friends. For all Bostonians in search of good coffee, company and food, Green T is the place to go in the Brigham Circle area.


My Big Breakfast Sandwich from Green T