A Special Night Out

by emmahauer

I’m a couple days behind on posting about Valentine’s, but I must say I had an exceptional evening with my boyfriend. Now, I know many people – especially my age – hate Valentine’s Day and personally, I’ve always been a little indifferent to it, but this year I decided to embrace it! I am so glad I did too! I decided to make my roommates, studio mates and friends goofy valentines to make their day. They were nothing fancy but it is always nice to get a little surprise when you least expect it. I also got my roommates some heart shaped cookies made by a local baker, because who doesn’t love treats?

Naturally, I went on a special date with my boyfriend as well. We usually like to go on dates but on a college budget we don’t treat ourselves too ofter. After a long day of classes and meetings we headed down to the North End for a 9:00 PM dinner. If you can make it till that long to eat, it is a much more relaxed and a quieter time to go to the North End. We strolled around seeing all the V-Day decorations and the water before we headed to the restaurant, La Galleria 33. I was particularly excited to try this place since I have never been there, and it was on Kitchen Nightmares, (so of course we were curious). 

Upon entering I was already impressed by the intimate yet accessible setting. The walls were exposed brick (a personal favorite of mine), the kitchen was open but not too noisy, and there were great hanging light bulbs. We were seated right by the window so we were able to enjoy the snowy view and our table had a single rose and candle adding to the intimacy. Not long after arriving we were greeted by our wonderful server offering us specials and beverages. Since it was a special occasion we ordered a bottle of a  California Pinot Grigio which was delicious, and just bitter enough for the wino I am. Like any great Italian restaurant we were served homemade bread with oil to hold us over until our entrees arrived.

The entrees were amazing, the perfect portion size to fill you up without overeating and were bursting with fresh flavors. I ordered the Linguini Vongole which had clams, white wine, lemon and garlic, and of course the pasta was homemade. It was delicious, for lack of better words. The pasta was perfect, the clams were fresh and the sauce was so flavorful and a perfect compliment to the clams. My boyfriend ordered the Penne Galleria, penne, veal, marinara, and parmesan cheese, also wonderful. The veal, which I don’t typically eat was cooked to perfection and and the pasta and sauce was a real Italian treat! While we were too full for dessert, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at La Galleria 33. They let us hang out chatting and finishing our wine with no rush at all, and one of the owners made an appearance asking how it was. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants to enjoy Italian food with a great atmosphere, it is perfect for a special date night but also great for a night out with friends.