Boston Became a Weekend Playground

by emmahauer

This weekend has been absolutely wild for the East Coast. I’m sure many of you are all aware Blizzard Nemo came through the northeast and dropped over two feet of snow and seriously intense winds. I have not seen snow like this in years! Naturally, as a college student, when you get the notification the school is closing for two days due to a blizzard you are more than excited. But like most New Englanders that know the hype of storms I had some doubts about Nemo and was certainly proved wrong.

Nemo came on Friday morning looking far from threatening. My friends and I cooked a blizzard brunch to celebrate, I have to say a blizzard is the best reason for a big meal. We enjoyed copious amounts of coffee, eggs with cheese, peppers and caramelized onions, homemade fruit salad, bacon, sausage, avocado, some bagels and of course, locks. It was an epic start to the day. By Friday evening the blizzard was in full effect, I could not see out of any of my windows and all I could see was white. Like most people, I was curious as to what it was really like out there. So, at 1AM at the peak of the storm in Boston my roommates and I decided to take an adventure to the outdoors for some thrill. It was crazy! The street and sidewalks were not visible under the massive blanket of snow and it was well up to our knees. The best part though – we were not the only people who were outside enjoying the winter wonderland. It was as if everyone reverted back to their childhood snow adventures and people were in great moods! I have to say the highlight of that night was snowboarding down Mission Hill on the covered sidewalks, a goal of mine since I moved to Boston. It was highly entertaining and completely worth getting soaked for.

A brunch of champions

The proud moment I snowboarded down Mission Hill

Upon waking up Saturday morning and finding even more snow and all our tracks completely covered we all decided what better to do than play in the snow! Boston had transformed into a playground for all who were lucky enough to not shovel. Almost all the students of Mission Hill were walking about taking photos, sledding and building igloos. I have to say it has been one of most fun weekends I’ve had in a long time. My friends and I built an igloo largest enough for 8 people and did some sledding in an unconventional way. We all took a walk over to the park and were surprised to find tons of people sledding, skiing and snowboarding down the small hill. I never felt more like a city kid than when we had to jump a fence to get in on the festivities. Once in the park we decided to do a little sledding on my snowboard, we sat two people and enjoyed the ride – which was so funny. After some sledding I did a little snowboarding, as to make up for the fact that the weather cancelled my trip to Stowe, while it wasn’t the big mountain it was next best.

All and all it was a great weekend, but has now turned into a mess outside. It’s currently raining and all commuting students are forcing themselves out of the house to go to school. The winter wonderland now is icy and wet but thanks to Nemo, I and many others enjoyed an awesome weekend where we all felt like children again.

For those who aren’t New Englanders here’s a look of what Boston looked like Friday/Saturday, and of course some fun photos in there too.

Friday night 1AM

My backyard Saturday AM

Saturday afternoon


My roommate and I sledding in the park on my snowboard


Getting my snow fix