No Color More Delicious Than Red

by emmahauer

Today has been a rather lazy and cold Saturday. Since the temperatures have barley been climbing over 20 (F) I haven’t felt much of a drive for adventure, especially today. While I was looking for a snack earlier I pleasantly stumbled upon a deliciously red pomegranate. It is true, many red fruits are delicious but pomegranates by far take the lead for me. Its a rich colored fruit with a big flavor that brightens even the coldest New England days.

These seeds burst with a tart flavor and a hint of crunch when devouring them. For me, I enjoy to just eat the seeds out of a bowl after de-seeding (see below for instructions), but they are also great in salad. For anyone looking for a quick meal or side throw together some salad greens, feta cheese, croutons, orange or grapefruit slices and top it off with pomegranate seeds. It’s a delicious, quick, easy salad and all that’s left is to add some dressing. Another wonderful salad recipe containing my two favorite fruits, avocado and pomegranate, is from the one and only Martha Stewart. Go here for her avocado, grapefruit and pomegranate salad.


How to De-Seed a Pomegranate:

1. Get your pomegranate, knife and cutting board ready – I suggest using a plastic cutting board because pomegranate juice will stain a wooden one as well as clothes



2. Cut through the crown about half way down. Then, with your hands, tear the halves apart to give you two pieces with seeds intact.




3. With the same method or cutting and ripping, cut each half into quarters.




4. Over a bowl begin taking out the seeds with your hands gently. You may have to crack the quarters in half to get all of them. Avoid getting the membrane in with your seeds – if you are worried empty the seeds into a bowl of water where the membrane will float to the top to be skimmed. After that enjoy a wonderful snack!




Now I’m off to drink some tea, eat my seeds and watch a movie with my cat – tough life right?