A Day at Killington

by emmahauer

This past Monday I was lucky enough to finally go enjoy my first ever day snowboarding at Killington Mountain for an excellent deal! Now for all you ski/board enthusiasts in the Boston area you must check out what is one of the best deals I have found, (if anyone knows of other skiing deals I would love to know). For a price of $79.00, I got a round trip bus ticket and full day lift ticket to Killington and a free Monster Energy drink. For those who don’t know Killington prices; a weekend/holiday full day lift ticket is usually $89.00. So as you can see I got a bargin! Where did I find such a deal? New England Snow Bus. It picks up in Boston, Andover, Pembroke and Rockland and goes to many mountains such as Loon, Waterville, Killington, Okemo, Stowe, etc. If you are like myself, living in or near Boston without a car and a passion for the mountain this is one way to do it and save money.

But aside from that excitement I had a wonderful first, and certainly not my last, visit to Killington. It is my father’s favorite mountain on the east coast and all others who have been love it! It is huge! It stretches across six, yes count them SIX peaks! The trails range from windy mellow ones that bring you all over the massive mountain to icy vertical double diamonds – there’s a trail for everyone. The weather was beautiful earlier this week. Conditions were packed powder with a few ice patches here and there and blue skies with a high of 17 degrees, it was chilly. Towards the end of the day it started to snow and the trails became icier – good to note if you are not comfortable dealing with ice! The views from Skye Peak and Killington peak were unbelievably beautiful, you can see mountains for miles! Pictures do no justice…but naturally I took a few. You’ll have to excuse the iphone photo quality though.

View from Skye Peak 3,800′


Killington is the largest mountain I have ever ridden before with an elevation of 4241′. With that being said, GO TO KILLINGTON PEAK! You are missing out if you don’t go! It is a wonderful gondola ride up and the view up top is amazing – though I don’t have a photo to do it justice. Even if you are only comfortable on green trails there is a way down for everyone, greens, blues and blacks. Skye Peak was also one of my favorite destinations, a nice mellow trail that is lengthy and windy is Great Eastern. It is a green but you can cut through to several trails using it, or just ride to the bottom and enjoy the trip down. My friend I went with is only on her second season of snowboarding so we were not venturing on anything too wild, though I convinced to go down a black diamond and she was just fine! That being said, if you are looking to go fast and do as many runs as possible, go with someone at your pace, or take solo runs (which I did). Killington is big, and can be intimidating but the trails are wonderful. One warning for snowboarders: some of the windy greens are too flat for us – if you even lean on an edge in some spots you will have to unhook and push yourself which is never fun! Stick with blues and above snowboarders or greens are do not go around the whole mountain. 

Overall, it was an amazing day and I’m looking very forward to my next visit there. I got tons of runs in, not mentions I covered a lot of the mountains, 5 out of 6 peaks.

Looking up towards Killington Peak from Snowdon Mountain

About a third of the whole mountain after the snow moved in

One more thing! For any skier or boarder who is looking for a fun app to keep track of miles, speed and such I was recommended a really good one, Ski Tracks. Once you hit start it will keep track of your max speed, distance, altitude, vertical, runs, degree of slope and time. It is fun to see what you accomplish and to try to beat it all – especially you speed demons out there.

Screen shot of the apps homepage

Hope you all make it to Killington or to other mountains for some fun!