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Month: January, 2013

No Color More Delicious Than Red

Today has been a rather lazy and cold Saturday. Since the temperatures have barley been climbing over 20 (F) I haven’t felt much of a drive for adventure, especially today. While I was looking for a snack earlier I pleasantly stumbled upon a deliciously red pomegranate. It is true, many red fruits are delicious but pomegranates by far take the lead for me. Its a rich colored fruit with a big flavor that brightens even the coldest New England days.

These seeds burst with a tart flavor and a hint of crunch when devouring them. For me, I enjoy to just eat the seeds out of a bowl after de-seeding (see below for instructions), but they are also great in salad. For anyone looking for a quick meal or side throw together some salad greens, feta cheese, croutons, orange or grapefruit slices and top it off with pomegranate seeds. It’s a delicious, quick, easy salad and all that’s left is to add some dressing. Another wonderful salad recipe containing my two favorite fruits, avocado and pomegranate, is from the one and only Martha Stewart. Go here for her avocado, grapefruit and pomegranate salad.


How to De-Seed a Pomegranate:

1. Get your pomegranate, knife and cutting board ready – I suggest using a plastic cutting board because pomegranate juice will stain a wooden one as well as clothes



2. Cut through the crown about half way down. Then, with your hands, tear the halves apart to give you two pieces with seeds intact.




3. With the same method or cutting and ripping, cut each half into quarters.




4. Over a bowl begin taking out the seeds with your hands gently. You may have to crack the quarters in half to get all of them. Avoid getting the membrane in with your seeds – if you are worried empty the seeds into a bowl of water where the membrane will float to the top to be skimmed. After that enjoy a wonderful snack!




Now I’m off to drink some tea, eat my seeds and watch a movie with my cat – tough life right?


A Day at Killington

This past Monday I was lucky enough to finally go enjoy my first ever day snowboarding at Killington Mountain for an excellent deal! Now for all you ski/board enthusiasts in the Boston area you must check out what is one of the best deals I have found, (if anyone knows of other skiing deals I would love to know). For a price of $79.00, I got a round trip bus ticket and full day lift ticket to Killington and a free Monster Energy drink. For those who don’t know Killington prices; a weekend/holiday full day lift ticket is usually $89.00. So as you can see I got a bargin! Where did I find such a deal? New England Snow Bus. It picks up in Boston, Andover, Pembroke and Rockland and goes to many mountains such as Loon, Waterville, Killington, Okemo, Stowe, etc. If you are like myself, living in or near Boston without a car and a passion for the mountain this is one way to do it and save money.

But aside from that excitement I had a wonderful first, and certainly not my last, visit to Killington. It is my father’s favorite mountain on the east coast and all others who have been love it! It is huge! It stretches across six, yes count them SIX peaks! The trails range from windy mellow ones that bring you all over the massive mountain to icy vertical double diamonds – there’s a trail for everyone. The weather was beautiful earlier this week. Conditions were packed powder with a few ice patches here and there and blue skies with a high of 17 degrees, it was chilly. Towards the end of the day it started to snow and the trails became icier – good to note if you are not comfortable dealing with ice! The views from Skye Peak and Killington peak were unbelievably beautiful, you can see mountains for miles! Pictures do no justice…but naturally I took a few. You’ll have to excuse the iphone photo quality though.

View from Skye Peak 3,800′


Killington is the largest mountain I have ever ridden before with an elevation of 4241′. With that being said, GO TO KILLINGTON PEAK! You are missing out if you don’t go! It is a wonderful gondola ride up and the view up top is amazing – though I don’t have a photo to do it justice. Even if you are only comfortable on green trails there is a way down for everyone, greens, blues and blacks. Skye Peak was also one of my favorite destinations, a nice mellow trail that is lengthy and windy is Great Eastern. It is a green but you can cut through to several trails using it, or just ride to the bottom and enjoy the trip down. My friend I went with is only on her second season of snowboarding so we were not venturing on anything too wild, though I convinced to go down a black diamond and she was just fine! That being said, if you are looking to go fast and do as many runs as possible, go with someone at your pace, or take solo runs (which I did). Killington is big, and can be intimidating but the trails are wonderful. One warning for snowboarders: some of the windy greens are too flat for us – if you even lean on an edge in some spots you will have to unhook and push yourself which is never fun! Stick with blues and above snowboarders or greens are do not go around the whole mountain. 

Overall, it was an amazing day and I’m looking very forward to my next visit there. I got tons of runs in, not mentions I covered a lot of the mountains, 5 out of 6 peaks.

Looking up towards Killington Peak from Snowdon Mountain

About a third of the whole mountain after the snow moved in

One more thing! For any skier or boarder who is looking for a fun app to keep track of miles, speed and such I was recommended a really good one, Ski Tracks. Once you hit start it will keep track of your max speed, distance, altitude, vertical, runs, degree of slope and time. It is fun to see what you accomplish and to try to beat it all – especially you speed demons out there.

Screen shot of the apps homepage

Hope you all make it to Killington or to other mountains for some fun!

New Hampshire, a Hidden Gem

I enjoyed a wonderful three days up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire last week. While, I’ve become a frequent guest there, this was the first time I felt homesick when I left, it really is one of the most beautiful places in New England. I have the pleasure of staying right on Squam Lake, near Plymouth with my boyfriend and his family. Now, waking up and seeing a lake is beautiful enough but his backyard is the White Mountains, and for those who love all outdoors activities that is a place to go. I got enjoy a couple of relaxing days and really unwind before the craze of school picks up.

The first noteworthy activity I did was go to Concord (a wonderful little city for those who dwell in urban environments), and ate at The Barley House. This restaurant is a must! The food is delicious and the environment is welcoming! They have some nice beers on the bar list, including some from local New Hampshire breweries that all sounded delectable. However, I opted for the Hot Cider, I’m a sucker for it on a cold day! For lunch I had the Chicken Sandwich with had grilled ranch dressing, monterey jack, lettuce, and bacon. Needless-to-say it was fantastic, and very filling. Their burgers are also amazing, a nice selection, but be warned they are large and messy but completely worth it!

Photo credit to The Barley House home page

After lunch, we were off to Red River Theatre to see Argo. It was so good, I completely understand why it won so many awards. Ben Affleck was not only a fantastic actor but the director, he took on a challenge to recreate the events in Iran and he certainly accomplished it. While I knew what the outcome was going to be, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It was one of the most well done films I have seen in a very long time.

Now, a winter visit in New Hampshire would not be complete without a snow storm and an incredible powder day snowboarding. I was not let down at all. We woke up to a winter wonderland last Wednesday and decided to take our freshly waxed skis and snowboard to the mountain for some fun. We went north about an hour to Bretton Woods to enjoy their 2-for-1 Wednesday special – every Wednesday you get half price! We drove through some serious snow which unfortunately took away from the beautiful views at Franconia Notch (my favorite part of driving in the White Mountains), but was completely worth it! The conditions were perfect, fresh powder that continued all day and minimal ice. This was my first time at Bretton Woods and I was impressed, it’s very wide with a lot of terrain to ride, although I do wish it was a little more vertical I still fully enjoyed myself. Their terrain was enjoyable to ride, fun and the trails were long enough to really enjoy and completely exhaust you. On a clear day I hear the views are amazing as well!

Driving through the snowy Notch

A barely there view through the snow from the lift.

A Perfect Sunday

There was no better way to spend a gloomy Sunday than to go see a fabulous show with my mother. For Christmas my mom got me tickets to see the world preview of the newest Momix show at the Warner Theater. For anyone who does not know what this is…you are missing out! It reminded me of Cirque du Soleil, except with dance. We saw the show Alchemia, created by the amazing Moses Pendleton, who coincidentally is an acquaintance of my mother. 

While I was definitely more in love with the second act of the show, the first act was beautiful with a focus on dance and fire. The second act however, focused on gold and was where all the magic happened. They are an illusionist dance company, and are mind blowing, I am still trying to figure out how they did it. My favorite part of the whole show was the start of the second act. Now, I’ll do my best to describe it but you will have to forgive me for doing it no justice. It opened with a projected space background that was breath taking, then your attention is directed to the ground where the dancers are curled up. They were wearing costumes under black lighting that showed what almost looked like viens on the body. As the music picked up they appeared to be floating off the ground doing different dance moves. While I’m not painting this picture well at all, I have no words to describe it. Once a video is published by the company I will post a clip.

To see how amazing they are go here for a video of their Botanica show.


The Warner Theater


Aside from an amazing show, I also enjoyed some martinis and the Golden Globes with my mom once we were home. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were so funny throughout the whole evening, which was much needed considering last years show was not great. They definitely made up for it this year though. My favorite parts were the opening and when Will and Kristen presented, I could not stop laughing! But overall, great show, wonderful winners and nominees were chosen in such a great year of films. Personally, I am so glad that Adele won for her song “Skyfall,” she’s so talented, and of course Daniel Day Lewis for his performance in Lincoln. Though every time they showed Mr. Lewis I could not help but think of some of the stories my cousin told me about him on set. (My cousin Justin worked on Lincoln as Production Coordinator).

Well, I think its safe to say that my Sunday was pretty perfect. I’m off to catch a little sleep before making an adventure up north to New Hampshire to visit my boyfriend and do some serious snowboarding and winter hiking!

Until next time.

I joined the world of blogging…

Well, I must say thanks to a dear friend of mine I recently got into blogging. First, it just started as reading a few blogs she sent me…then it turned into composing my own blog post in my head about what I’ve done in the day. So, why not? This page will now hold a collection of my own adventures and findings. I am an artist, working in fibers and textiles, (not to be mistaken with fashion design). I am also an adventurer, snowboarder, dreamer, collector and a mild sales shopaholic (sales being the key word, I’m on a college budget). This blog will be my documentation of all qualities listed above with lots of photos, I go nowhere without a camera!